October 24th: Squishing Cups!

Squishing cups!

Have you ever seen what happens to polystyrene cups when you sink them to 4km below the surface of the sea?  We gave friends and families a chance to find out!

Because of the hydrostatic pressure of water all around the cup, at such great depths the cup is squashed into a fraction of its original size! When the cup comes back up again, it doesn’t recover.. instead it remains miniature!  As does anything that you draw or write on it!


Cups after being squished! (photo Kate Hendry) Thanks to children from the Montgomery Church in Wales Primary School and 184th Redland Brownie Pack, Bristol, for their wonderful cups!

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2 comments on “October 24th: Squishing Cups!
  1. alicia Vila says:

    like the experiment with the cups. Will you bring back the squished cups and return to the children that made such beautiful cups for this experiment. I would think that they would love seeing what the ocean does to their artwork at 4 km below the surface of the ocean.
    Great job children, future researchers. Go team.

  2. Charlotte Stevenson says:

    Do you know Carolyn taylor? Well she is my auntie. I thought the experiment was very interesting and I would be very happy to see my cup again. I would like to be a scientist when I grow up. I can see my cup in the photo and it is squished! Thank you!

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